How this bride went from 'a break' straight to happy married life

It’s a Friday evening, and we’ve caught up with model, fashion and style girl, Daisy Boateng. The first thing we asked was what true love meant to her:

“It is endurance; true love is something that should be everlasting and timeless. It can weather any storm or barrier it faces.”

Daisy met her husband while studying at sixth form college; while subtl posing as his biggest cheerleader when he was on the football pitch.

A couple of skipped classes and a few carved initials in love-hearts later, they’ve created a love story completely built on their terms and their timing.

They proudly navigated the jungle that is university before ocially branding the ‘adult phase’ of their relationship having stood any and every test of time.

“I never wanted to be a wife, which is kind of controversial.” Daisy shared.

Her upbringing and what she had seen take place in her parent’s relationship made her scared, but a sense of excitement was born when she and her now husband embarked on a course of Christian counselling and better understood how their own love story could - and would - dier.

After a period of working abroad - and slight tilt in their relationship dynamic - Junior travelled to Paris to surprise Daisy during Bastille day.

“You live in England, how did you even get here?!” was what ran through Daisy’s mind as she spotted Junior walking through the restaurant.


“What did I envisage for my proposal? Nothing! We were on a break!
“I had to come o that break with immediate eect when he proposed though, haha!”
Daisy and Junior had been together for seven years (yep, including the break) when he proposed.

Fast forward to the year of return in Ghana, and the pair had committed to a traditional engagement ceremony that would see a host of friends from around the globe coming together to taste the richness of Daisy’s Ghanaian culture.

They celebrated their white wedding in Greece, under the meticulous planning and preparation of world-renowned wedding prep pro La Jet Fete, adorned in the dress of her dreams!

“There’s no one better than Gbemi in the UK. There was never any other dress or designer on the cards.

“I wanted something unconventional - a high/low dress; short in the front, long in the back. I had a design I showed her and a year later she released the freedom collection. I looked at her and said, ‘you have to be joking?”

And with that, Daisy changed her dress! She was bold and didn’t see her wedding dress until the day of her wedding. Yep. The wedding day was her first sighting and first time trying!

“This isn’t real life. People aren’t supposed to look this nice. I could only describe it as magical; when you wear an Alonuko dress, it makes you feel like you’re in a story.”

Guests not only caught a glimpse of Daisy’s dress as she walked down the aisle, but again during her choreographed first dance with her husband.

What was the track? Loading by Olamide - what Daisy described as a fun representation of who she and her husband Junior are.

When asked to share advice with brides on their way into marriage, Daisy spoke on the importance of remaining authentic to you - even if it doesn’t look like the norm.

“I feel like you should follow your gut in the person you’re with. Follow your gut in the conversations you have about your big day. Trust yourself and lean into your feelings, so you can really make the day about you.”