You wouldn’t believe me if I told you all the different items brides have forgotten on their wedding day. I was dressing a bride one morning, who at the very last minute, discovered that she had not packed her wedding shoes! And yes, whilst it might sound totally insane, I can assure you, when you have 101 different things to think about just days before saying ‘I do’, even the simplest of things will completely slip your mind.

That’s why I’ve put together an essential checklist for everything you could possibly need (wedding wardrobe wise) on your big day. And trust me when I say, this list has tested and proven to be true over the past 10 years, from every bride I’ve ever dressed to every bridal party I’ve ever been a part of…This is The Wedding Wardrobe Checklist that every Bride-to-Be needs

Wedding Wardrobe Checklist

 1. Your day time Wedding dress (Look, it wouldn’t make sense if I left it off the list, and it doesn’t make sense on the list, but it’s safer on the list so hey!) - Make sure to triple check your garment bag(s) for any petticoat, hoopskirt, corset lacings or any extras that your dress needs.

2. Your evening dress (If you’re changing)

3. Shoes: Your day time Wedding shoes, your changing dress shoes, and a pair of flats to dance the night away

4. Your Veil

5. Your bridal accessories:

- Head piece, hair pins, tiara, bridal comb

- Earrings

- Necklace

- Bracelet

6. Your bridal robe

(Get yours here)

7. Under garment shapewear and corset

(get your alonuko waist snatcher here)

8. Your bridal lingerie

- Seamless underwear for under your bridal outfit

- Sexy underwear for your wedding night

9. Fashion body tape

10. Mini sewing kit

- Hand sewing needle

- White/natural thread

- Tiny embroidery scissors

- Chalk, to quick fix any last minute stains

- Safety pins

11. Little clutch purse

12. Hand held fan

13. Something old, borrowed, and blue

Now make sure you’re all packed and ready to go the night before your wedding, and go catch some beauty sleep ahead of the most amazing day of your life!

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